D-Link DWL 120
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D-Link DWL120 External Antenna Modification

There isn't much difference between this modification and the one for the NetGear MA101.  Both have a dual diversity antenna arrangement with one antenna on a flylead that can be rotated to improve reception.

dwl120-1.jpg (93354 bytes)

Opening the case is simple, just use a sharp knife to lift off the 4 rubber feet, then undo the screws.

dwl120-2.jpg (104970 bytes)

The bottom left of the PCB shows the antenna lead soldered directly to the PCB.

dwl120-3.jpg (101441 bytes)

The next picture is with the tin shielding removed (kind of obvious really!)

dlinkdwl120.jpg (70649 bytes)

I clipped off the antenna lead about mid way and simply attached a bulkhead SMA socket, space is tight but there's just enough room to fit the socket to the case.

dwl120chassissma.jpg (106985 bytes)