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Kind of plain pages, personally I prefer the term "functional!"


Duncan (of "the list") chart folding technique

Make your own "Vortrak", those cliponable bearing and distance arms


Flight Planning

LogNav flight planning software, ability to upload/download to GPS and display track on a scanned map (Link)

Flight Plan Word Document Template

Excel Flight Planning Spreadsheet

Another Excel Flight Planning Spreadsheet

Yet Another Excel Flight Planning Spreadsheet

Psion Series 5 flight planning (Link)

Finally, one of my own small contribution. I wanted a flight planning worksheet that suited me. I didn't like any of the worksheets or planners on the net mainly because I found them clumsy or the printed output was too "busy" to find the information needed in flight. I knocked one up for myself in Excel a long time ago but found myself writing most of the stuff in the margins because I hadn't considered that I write frequencies and transponder codes down but I am right handed, hence it was awkward to get to the boxes that I had provided. So, now I present VFR Logsheet v2.0.

If you're expecting a fully functional bit of flight planning software then forget it but if all you want is a straightforward bit of paper that you can print a hundred copies of to scribble on then download it and modify it to suit your needs. I hope you like it!

VFR Flight Log worksheet v2.0 (Excel or equivalent required to print the sheet)

US VFR Flight Log (modified by Dawn Darling for Letter paper and ATIS)

Weight & balance

Weight & Balance Excel Spreadsheets

Some nice features in the spreadsheets, plotters for W&B and C of G

Simple but capable Windows program for performing W&B and C of G calculations

This is my personal favourite, it's simple (i.e. I can understand it!) and it's very quick to use without having to learn how to use the thing.

GPS Database Tools

GPS Waypoints for UK Towns and Motorway service stations

List of waypoints.

Windows program for manipulating the Garmin database, modify and upload the database

(The above requires that you already have a database disk from Garmin, the software decodes the database format and writes out a database to your hard disk. You then use the software to edit this database and then upload your changes.)


UK Aircraft registration database (getting old)

PPL Log Book (Excel worksheet) Log book contributed by Richard Wakeford of the Flyer e-mail list. I took the liberty of saving the Excel 97 version as Excel 95 and including that one too. Sorry if that increases the size of the file a little bit but I don't know what difference the formats might make. Excel is like Calculator on steroids to me!!

List of airports, ICAO codes, three letter codes and location (PDF Format)

Check off list for competency in complex aircraft (Word Format)


Flyer List Members Link to the gallery of Flyer e-mail list members

Airplan Flight Equipment

Aviators Network

Aviators Web


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